Welcome to Musically Yours

Musically Yours - offering piano and voice lessons, including theory, to students of all levels from ages 7 years old and up.


It isn’t often that you come across a person who can do as well as teach but Melissa J. Ogden, Instructor/Owner of Musically Yours, is that kind of person. She has a formal education in music, has performed for audiences for many years and is always teaching.

To Melissa, music is recreation and vocation. She believes that everyone should have the joy of music in their lives, but she is also is quick to point out that music is a career. “Music is in the movies, on TV, in commercials, is performed at weddings, on the radio – you can’t avoid it. Our lives all have a soundtrack and music is a viable profession.”

As an experienced performance artist, Melissa is also able to impart the skills necessary to become a performer - from stage direction to stage presence.

At Musically Yours lessons are given in a relaxed and supportive environment and new students will immediately feel comfortable and inspired.


Melissa is available for private and public performances. She has been performing since she was a student in school and has performed in a vast array of venues such as theatre, piano lounges, and concerts.